Last week, PPAI President and CEO Paul Bellantone, CAE, and Board Chair Dale Denham, MAS+, visited BIC Graphic North America (PPAI 114187) in Tampa, Florida. Their visit was an opportunity to tour the facility and meet with the supplier’s staff and and build stronger relationships with its leadership, including CEO David A. Klatt, Jr., who joined the company in February.

“Visiting Association members is very much like working with colleagues in any business,” says Denham (above, left), who is also chief information officer at Geiger. “Decisions you make will be better if you spend time meeting with people to learn firsthand what is really happening. Having discussions and meetings with members of PPAI helps Paul and the board better understand how to help grow and protect the industry. And connecting with small and large members is a valuable opportunity for us to learn and assist in creating future value for all of the Association’s constituents.”

Klatt adds, “We were honored to host Paul and Dale from PPAI at our headquarters last week and share with them the new initiatives we have been working on. Our primary discussion centered around our focus on improving the experience at all customer touchpoints from the time an order is placed to the time it ships. We appreciate and value the partnership and feedback PPAI has provided to us.”