“The $23 Billion Ad Medium All Brands Should Leverage” is the headline Ad Age’s President and Publisher Josh Golden wrote for his video interview with PPAI’s President and CEO Paul Bellantone. For Golden, the interview provided an aha moment about the value of promotional products.

The pair spoke on camera on Tuesday at Advertising Week, following PPAI’s education session featuring marketer Seth Godin. The interview focused on the power of promotional products and what advertisers and marketers are doing to leverage it. “We know that promotional products break through the clutter,” said Bellantone. “We know consumers are finding ways to avoid traditional advertising right now; [promotional products] put a brand in somebody’s hand who wants it.”

Golden went into the interview a bit skeptical about promotional products as an advertising medium but, during the conversation, he appeared to change his mind. “There’s something exciting about getting a gift when you go somewhere; there’s a moment of celebration on people’s faces. And then they associate that moment with the brand,” said Golden, recalling instances when Ad Age has used promotional products in its own marketing.

Bellantone went on to explain how promotional products touch all five senses—but also a sixth sense: a sense of pride and ownership, a sense of gratitude. At that point, a smiling Golden proudly pulled out a Tumi backpack Bellantone gave him earlier that included a logoed tag. Through the promotional product and conversation that ensued, Bellantone connected with Golden in a significant way about the tangible and memorable attributes of promotional products.

Golden also separately interviewed author and marketer Seth Godin on why big brands need to rethink their marketing. See both videos here.

Advertising Week is a week-long gathering of the advertising industry’s best and brightest brand marketers, creative visionaries and media leaders and influencers. PPAI has been a long-time participant in the event to initiate thoughtful conversations, inform meaningful decisions and inspire consideration and buying of promotional products advertising.