PPAI’s Barnett Speaks On The Millennial Market At A Brand Company’s Annual Conference

PPAI Diversity Development and Engagement Manager Seth Barnett joined the annual sales conference for A Brand Company’ (PPAI 188929) last week to speak on the power of the promotional products industry in relation to doing business with the Millennial market.

The conference’s programming tackled the challenges of the industry to ensure cooperative success by members of A Brand Company’s brands: BrandAlliance, Grapevine Designs and Performance Link. In his presentation, Barnett addressed the changing buyer market in both the U.S. and Canada and how A Brand Company has recently rebranded its online marketplace, which plays in well with discussing next steps for attracting young buyers to the promotional products market. Barnett’s presentation also explored a change in workplace culture that is starting to take hold in the promotional products industry.

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Billy Booe
August 8, 2017
We really enjoyed having Seth speak at our North American Sales Conference. Seth is an expert in his field and as Seth is part of PPAI, he really understands who we are salespeople and where we are as an industry. As we are all becoming keenly aware, millennial's and now Gen Z comprise over 58% of the workforce in the United States. So regardless if we are trying to sell to them, or hire them, we all need to better understand what makes these generations tick. Seth will help you understand that Millennials and Gen Z workers are a very talented group of uniquely qualified people. It is our job, not theirs...to better understand who they are, how they communicate, what is important to them, and most importantly what we can do to become more relevant to them. Thanks again Seth! You were great!
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