PPAI has updated and refreshed its Master Advertising Specialist Plus (MAS+) certification. The revised program better provides seasoned promotional products professionals an avenue for earning an advanced industry certification that demonstrates their proficiency of promotional products industry concepts and business practices. It’s the final piece in enhancing PPAI’s certification program.

In 2018, the Association updated its Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS), Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) and Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) program to provide a better overall learning experience for industry professionals. All program changes were made based on feedback from members who have been through it, including members of the PPAI Certification Committee.

Melissa Weber, professional development manager, says, “We felt that it was important to re-evaluate the MAS+ program to ensure that we were offering a program that was relevant and approachable. The revamped program provides better direction for the types of projects that can be considered for MAS+ approval and streamlines the evaluation process for each project.”

The MAS+ certification is awarded to eligible promotional products applicants who have met all program requirements and have demonstrated their promotional products knowledge through a hands-on professional work project. MAS+ certification candidates must acquire advanced industry knowledge demonstrated by both an approved work project and by having earned a MAS certification that’s currently in good standing. Once earned, MAS+ certifications do not require further recertification.

For more information on MAS+ and PPAI certification programs, click here.