The recent PPAI Expo marked not only the official start of a new sales year but the conclusion of service for board members and committee volunteers who donated their time in 2015, and the start of new terms for incoming volunteers in 2016.

PPAI recognized the generous contributions of time and talent from dozens of its volunteer leaders at the PPAI Expo Volunteer Recognition Luncheon held January 10 in Las Vegas.

A number of supplier members also donated items for the luncheon and meetings that followed including 3M–notepads; Crystal D–retiring volunteer awards; F & H Ribbon Co., Inc.–badge ribbons; J. Charles Crystalworks Inc.–retiring board awards; Hirsch Gift, Inc.– USBs; Hit Promotional Products–badge holders; Numo–USB wallet; Warwick Publishing Company–volunteer cards and Chocolate Inn/Taylor & Grant–chocolate coins.

Among those honored for service at the Expo luncheon were the 2015 class of retiring board members: Chuck Fandos, CAS; Norma Jean Knollenberg, CIP, CPIM; David Nicholson and Julia Wright, MAS, and Mark Jenkins, MAS, and incoming board members were introduced: Brittany David, Perry Wehrle and Larry Cohen.

PPAI also honored outgoing board chair Rick Brenner, MAS+ for his extraordinary leadership over the past year and welcomed incoming chair of the board Tom Goos, MAS.

Also recognized were incoming board members for the Regional Association Council and Promotional Products Education Foundation as well as those who have completed their service as PPAI committee volunteers:

Dino Bartolomei, MAS

Mary-Ellen Bostwick

Roderick Brown, CAS

Tom Carpenter, MAS

Larry Cohen

Michael Conway

Amanda Corey, MAS

Bridget Dahlgren

Bob Davis, CAS

David DeGreeff, MAS

Peggy Dixon, MAS

Pat Dugan, MAS

Ann Dutton, MAS

Karen Foy, CAS

Ted Fuehr, MAS

Mark Gammon, CAS

Mark Gardyn

Frank Garza

Janie Gaunce

Irwin Goldstein

Dan Goo, CAS

Catherine Graham

Wayne Greenberg, MAS

Richard Greene, MAS

Alan Grill

Michelle Gulli, CAS

Mary-Ellen Harden

Brian Hiner

Sam Hornstein

Francesco Indrio

Eric Johnson, MAS

Jessica Johnson, MAS

Lori Kates

Erica Kelley-Gogel, CAS

Rebecca Kollmann, MAS+

Fred Leamer

Jon Levine

Dale Limes, MAS

Cliff Magill

Reginald Marsh, MAS

Michelle Michelsen, CAS

Cathy Miller, MAS

Carol Moore, CAS

David Morrison

Eric Natinsky

Lisa Newell, MAS

Martin Pahnke, MAS

David Perez-Goldstrom, CAS

Scott Perry

David Regan, MAS

Rhonda Reilly, CAS

Kim Reinecker, MAS

Jennifer Reissaus, MAS

Barb Robinson, CAS

Allison Schaffer, CAS

Joseph Scott, MAS

Angela Sheridan

Traci Simonis, CAS

Danny Sirmon, MAS

Jim Socci, CAS

Jeff Solomon, MAS

Evie Sterner, CAS

Christine Strobl

Vicki Wade

Bille Walchek

Beverly Walter, MAS

Jamie Watson, MAS

Paul Weller