PPAI has announced new volunteer committee and advisory group chairs and liaisons for the 2017-2018 term. The PPAI committees and advisory groups are comprised of volunteer representatives from the Association’s membership including distributors, suppliers, business services partners and representatives, who work together to promote, protect and grow the promotional products industry and the Association.

PPAI volunteer committees address ongoing and essential strategic missions important to the Association and the industry. PPAI advisory groups are focused on specific strategic and tactical assignments and offer flexibility with time commitments, meetings, group size and multiple volunteer opportunities.

Awards & Recognition Committee

Chair: Tom Donlin, ADG Promotional Products; PPAI Liaisons: Carol Gauger, MAS; Christina Sanders

Certification Committee

Chair: Peggy Dixon, MAS, Gemline; PPAI Liaison: Julie Levay

Distributors Committee

Chair: Deanna Cross, Cross Promos/Division of CarCross Company, Inc.; PPAI Liaisons: Tina Filipski, Sandy Mendoza

Government Relations Advisory Council (GRAC)

Chair: Dale T. Denham, MAS+, Geiger; PPAI Liaisons: Anne Stone, Joseph Landeros

Leadership Advisory Committee

Chair: Nikki Stella, Promo Marketing; PPAI Liaisons: Lisa Beck, Paul Bellantone, CAE

Marketing Information & Research Committee

Chair: Kaettie Wenger, CAS, Specialty Incentives, Inc.; PPAI Liaisons: Keith Vincent, Mo Das

Membership Services Committee

Chair: Nate Robson, Raining Rose, Inc.; PPAI Liaisons: Natalie Clark, Kari Banner

PPB Editorial Advisory Committee

Chair: Carrie Laufenburg, MAS, The Magnet Group; PPAI Liaisons: Julie Richie, James Khattak

Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF)

Chair: Lori Bauer, BIC Graphic USA; PPAI Liaisons: Sara Besly, Bob McLean

Product Responsibility Advisory Group (PRAG)

Co-chairs: Gene Geiger, MAS+, Geiger, and Leeton Lee, Leeton Lee dba ComplyBox Consulting; PPAI Liaison: Anne Stone

Professional Development Committee

Chair: Marc Held, Hit Promotional Products; PPAI Liaison: Stacy Riddler

Public Relations Advisory Group

Chair: Chris Piper, Boundless; PPAI Liaisons: Kim R. Todora, Gretchen Demke

Regional Association Council (RAC)

President: Janet McMaster, MAS, Geiger; PPAI Liaisons: Melissa Weber, Seth Barnett

Suppliers Committee

Chair: Pierre Martichoux, Chameleon Like, Inc.; PPAI Liaisons: Alan Peterson, Ellen Tucker

Technology Committee

Chair: Mike Knapick, SanMar; PPAI Liaisons: Paul Elfstrom, Vicki Sypien

PPAI volunteer opportunities bring together industry leaders from all levels to explore the many facets of the promotional products industry. In most cases, the time commitment consists of monthly conference calls and input on topics as assigned. Committee and advisory group work is essential to PPAI, and the chairs routinely report to the executive team and the PPAI Board of Directors. PPAI relies on its members to provide volunteer leadership and support for its programs, events and services.

More than 15 different volunteer opportunities offer flexibility with time commitments, meetings, group size, projects and strategic focus. PPAI invites all Association members to complete a personal profile for volunteer service. To complete a volunteer application, or get more information about PPAI volunteer leadership opportunities, click here.