A federal corruption investigation into the United Auto Workers (UAW) union and the U.S. auto industry has targeted executives at several promotional products distributors. The Detroit News reported that investigators are suggesting improprieties regarding the awarding of contracts for union-branded apparel and other merchandise.

In support of the promotional products industry, PPAI has issued this statement:

The promotional products industry has been a shining example of achievement for more than 200 years. Now, with nearly 40,000 domestic businesses and more than 500,000 professionals contributing $24.7 billion to the U.S. economy, this industry continues to add substantial value to markets across the world. With its 116-year history, PPAI is committed to increasing the awareness of this marketing medium to ensure it remains a trusted and preferred resource for employers, marketers and advertisers and their employee training and recognition, marketing and advertising dollars.

Recent news reports placed an unfortunate spotlight on a few companies in this industry who are alleged to have engaged in, or who are under investigation for unlawful business practices. While isolated, these incidents can tarnish the hundreds of thousands of other promotional products industry businessowners and professionals who are committed to upholding principled and lawful business practices.

Likewise, PPAI is committed to maintaining high standards of ethics and integrity for the promotional products industry. PPAI continuously seeks to champion the important role it and its more than 15,500 corporate members serve to promote and enhance an industry reputation of excellence, ethics and economic contribution.

PPAI provides substantial resources that are designed to elevate the business acumen of the promotional products industry such as education summits, publications, webinars, a published Code of Ethics and other readily-available resources. PPAI takes pride in helping its members and the industry-at-large adopt and execute best practices for regulatory compliance. With these readily available resources, PPAI aims to make available support that PPAI members may need to understand and uphold legal requirements and expectations of ethical business conduct.

PPAI applauds the industry stakeholders who work every day to uphold the ethical standards that have sustained the medium’s growth and success for more than 200 years, and PPAI will continue to advance these long-standing business initiatives for years to come.