Oklahoma state representatives have proposed a host of spending cuts that include promotional products as a target. While PPAI is in favor of balanced budgets and the responsible use of taxpayer dollars, promotional products businesses and their clients could be adversely affected if Oklahoma passes a bill eliminating any opportunity for the state to use promotional products in a powerful and effective manner.

Research shows that promotional products educate, recruit, highlight safety awareness, urge organ donations and encourage healthy living and lifestyle choices. Promotional products recognize and reward employee achievements and inspire action. Promotional products are used to celebrate milestones, sign legislation and reinforce critical messages.

For many years PPAI has worked to get the message out that promotional products are the most cost-effective method to communicate critical messages. On an annual basis, promotional products contribute more than $175 million to the Oklahoma economy alone, with 416 companies providing more than 2,500 jobs.

PPAI encourages members and industry professionals in Oklahoma to reach out to their state representative and tell them they support responsible spending and the effective use of promotional products to promote essential government programs, and urge them to do the same.