Voting is under way for the PPAI Board of Directors Class of 2023, and the election will run through September 17. Supplier candidates are Dan Edge, director of sales for Peerless Umbrella Company, and Bill Mahre, president of ADG Promotional Products. Distributor candidates are R. Renée Jones, MAS+, CEO of A Creative Touch, Inc., and Craig Reese, senior vice president of Jack Nadel International. One candidate from each category will be elected by the membership and will begin a four-year board term immediately following The PPAI Expo 2019.

Over the next several issues PPB Newslink is taking a closer look at each of the candidates and today the series focuses on Craig Reese.

Reese has worked in the industry for more than 20 years and has served on the PPAI Distributor Committee as well as with the volunteer project pool. He has been an active participant in several regional associations, including Specialty Advertising Association of California (SAAC), for which he is a current SAAC Foundation board member and a past president.

In his free time, Reese enjoys skiing, fly fishing, running and mountain biking. He holds an associate’s degree from Pasadena City College.

When asked how PPAI can best use its limited resources to fulfill the Association’s mission of protecting and growing the industry, while simultaneously ensuring the success of a diverse and sometimes disparate constituency, Reese said, “PPAI is the voice for both small and large companies in the branded products industry. PPAI’s legislative work on local, state and national issues is imperative to providing a positive narrative to leaders for those who otherwise might not be heard or may not know how to be heard.

“In addition to the legislative work, PPAI’s continued work with regional associations is important for a number of reasons. Regionals are facing a difficult time; many are asking how to remain relevant. As has always been the case, some regionals are healthier than others.

“Healthy regional associations provide PPAI with information needed for its strategic foresight and in turn helps its members by addressing pressing needs and issues. It will be my goal to find new ways to bolster and partner with the regionals to ensure their voices are heard, and to ensure a healthier PPAI.”

The PPAI Board of Directors election gives industry members the opportunity to select the leaders that can transform the Association. To learn more about the candidates and the election, visit and follow PPB Newslink for updates.