PPAI Board Chair Denham Visits SAAC Board Listening Session, Association Headquarters

PPAI Board Chair Dale Denham, MAS+, has been on the road for the past several days. Last week he attended a Specialty Advertising Association of California (SAAC) listening session in Los Angeles, joining several SAAC members who shared their insights on how the regional association can provide more value to members.

Subjects explored at the session ranged from the SAAC show to local events. In alignment with the PPAI strategic plan, the group (pictured above) also spent considerable time talking about the value of being more relational and less transactional.

“It was great to see SAAC members engaged in providing direct feedback to the board of directors of SAAC and having the board be so open to their input,” says Denham. “I loved that the PPAI strategic plan concept of relational vs transactional was a key component of their conversation.”

On Monday, Denham traveled to PPAI’s Irving, Texas, headquarters to meet with employees and speak at today’s all-staff meeting.

“As PPAI chair, I am actively involved in listening to our members and working closely with the board of directors,” says Denham. “I’m here at PPAI to also hear from staff directly on topics that matter to them, giving them access to share thoughts directly with the PPAI board. In addition to attending the staff meeting, I am meeting with individuals and departments to gain and share insights.”

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