PPAI Announces Inaugural Fellows Program Recipients

PPAI has named the inaugural recipients of the Association’s new Fellows Program. Introduced in the June issue of PPB, the Fellows program recognizes and thanks influential individuals who have actively supported the industry through their personal involvement. PPAI Fellows further contribute to a culture of engagement, involvement and leadership throughout the Association.

Click here for a full listing of the inaugural class of PPAI Fellows.

Eligibility into the program will be considered for promotional products professionals with a major and productive interest in furthering the industry. Those eligible for automatic qualification into the program are:

  • Individuals who have served five years or more on committee, advisory groups, task forces or boards at the national and/or regional level
  • Members who have mentored, facilitated or taught education sessions live or online and contributing writers in combination with other volunteer activities
  • PPAI board members who have served a full four-year term
  • Recipients of the PPB Volunteer of the Month

The PPAI Fellows program provides a number of benefits. These include:

  • Personal subscriptions to all electronic PPAI publications and other electronic mailings relevant to PPAI activities and programs
  • VIP access to badge pick up, VIP reserved seating as applicable and an invitation to participate in all volunteer activities at The PPAI Expo
  • Opportunities to provide mentoring, facilitate or teach education sessions live or online, or serve as a contributing writer
  • Inclusion and recognition in UPIC and PPAI membership directories
  • Invitation to the PPAI Leadership Luncheon at the PPAI Expo with reserved seating
  • Entitlement to use the designation of PPAI Fellow (acronym and logo to be developed). This designation would reflect the professional stature of the Fellow and his or her record of valuable service to the Association and the industry
  • Fellow lapel pin and Fellow badge ribbon at The PPAI Expo
  • Complete online roster of PPAI Fellows

Find out more about the PPAI Fellows program here.

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Chris Piper - Boundless
August 4, 2016

Thank you & thank you...so honored to be part of this group! Over the twenty years it has been nothing short of Awesome. I have many to thank for their guidance and mentor-ship along the way...they have truly showed me what a close knit family of peers we are. Our industry has so much to offer and I will always continue to advocate our powerful advertising medium to anyone who will listen...#speakpromo!

Carol Walkner, MAS
August 1, 2016

Wow! Thank you for this recognition - 38 years in this amazing industry. Can't imagine not being part of it in some way. I know when I cut myself I don't bleed- ink from all the pens I've sold over the years flows from my veins!
Honored to be part of this guest group!
Thank you!

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