The Promotional Products Association of Florida (PPAF) co‐sponsored an event to honor emergency medical professionals during EMS Week, May 18‐22. It did so in recognition of the many front-line workers who have sacrificed time with their families and risked their health to serve their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In partnership with Journey Creatively and Pirate-Ice & Frozen Treats, PPAF held an ice cream and snow cone party for the more than 150 staff at MedFleet Ambulance in New Port Richey, Florida. Although PPAF couldn’t personally thank each staff member since some were out on calls or serving on teams to help combat COVID‐19, the regional association ensured they knew of its appreciation with promotional stickers on each ice cream bar.

EMS Week occurs each year in May and is a time for the community to show appreciation for all emergency medical professionals. Jenny Taylor, PPAF’s executive director, says, “Our board believes it was absolutely necessary to give back to those who have been working so diligently these past months while many of us stayed home. We were pleased to partner with Journey Creatively to host the event.”

MedFleet Ambulance serves the five counties North and West of Tampa Bay. Brooke Taylor, chief operating officer of MedFleet, adds, “Our team works everyday 24 hours a day and they love what they do, but it is always incredibly special to be thanked by the community.”