The Promotional Products Association of Florida (PPAF) and the Promotional Products Association Midwest (PPAMidwest) are taking Super Bowl LV to the next level with a little friendly competition on the outcome of the game.

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing against the Kansas City Chiefs, the PPAF board of directors has bet the PPAMidwest board of directors that if the Buccaneers win, the PPAMidwest will wear Bucs gear at their next board meeting, take pictures and post on social media, plus buy the PPAF board a round of drinks at the next PPAI Leadership Development Workshop. If the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, the PPAF board will wear Chiefs gear, post a picture on their social media platforms and buy the PPAMidwest board a round of drinks at LDW.

PPAF Vice President KJ Summers with BAMKO teased his PPAMidwest colleagues by saying, “Sure, you guys won last year. Congrats, you land-lubbing knaves. As anyone in sales will tell you, last year ain’t this year. Tom Brady took a franchise that was dead in the water, put wind in its sails and charted a championship course. Every post-season foe has been left in the drink by the Buccaneers. With an arm that fires like 70 cannons on a Spanish galleon, Brady takes the bounty and offers no quarter. We have raised our flags. The chase is on. We’re at a dead run. We have the Chiefs in our sights. We’re coming for you, Kansas City. You can’t stop a thousand-ton Man O’ War on its home turf.”