PCNA has announced that in 2020 alone, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based operator of suppliers Trimark, Leed’s, Bullet, JournalBooks and ETS Express, along with its distributor partners, saved almost one million bottles and 150,000 pounds of cotton from entering landfills. In addition, through its partnership with 1% for the Planet, the company has planted more than 75,000 trees and provided clean water to over 7,000 individuals as a direct result of eco-product sales.

“We wouldn’t be a leader in this industry if it wasn’t for the support of our amazing customers,” says Liz Haesler, PCNA’s CMO. “It’s important that we show how their support is making a difference in this world. Because of the impact this industry has been able to make through the overwhelming support of our eco-friendly items, other sustainable brands are anxious to get into the promo market.” She also announced that PCNA will be partnering with two new eco-friendly retail brands in the coming weeks: tentree, a sustainably-sourced apparel company with a mission to give back and EKOBO, a sustainable home accessories brand.

“We can bring brands like tentree and EKOBO to the promotional products market because of our amazing distributor partners who have created this demand by showing how important sustainability and the ability to give back is to them and their customers,” she says.

In addition to supporting sustainability efforts from a product perspective, PCNA says that it is shifting that focus from a business perspective as well.

“Two years ago, our eco line started as a robust product platform and while we continue to grow our eco collection, we’ve also evolved our thinking as an organization,” says Neil Ringel, CEO of PCNA. “Outside of products, sustainability has become a key component of every business decision we make.”

Over the past two years, PCNA reports making a conscious shift in thinking about new projects and building upgrades. Across its North American facilities, the company has taken measures to lower energy consumption, increase recycling programs and cut back on waste on the production floor.

“With the support of the organization behind us, we’ve really been able to look at eco as a whole,” says Haesler. In addition to the products and brands that support 1% for the Planet, PCNA has over five additional retail brands that have their own give-back programs, including Welly, CamelBak and Skullcandy. “It’s truly amazing to see just how much of a difference we can make with the support of so many. Whether it is supporting clean air, clean water or recycling initiatives, our distributors partners really do make a difference.”

PCNA says that it is showing its commitment to meeting the eco demand through significant inventory investments, the sourcing of new and different eco-friendly materials, innovative custom product design, overall new product development and new brand partnerships. PCNA recently announced that 60 percent of its new product collection is eco-friendly and that this is a trend the company is expecting to grow well into 2021.

“We are so grateful to the distributors who have supported us along this journey. Our commitment to them is to continue bringing new and exciting eco-alternatives to the market,” adds Haesler.