Outstanding Branding (PPAI 678649) has been awarded the Silver Standard Rating in global recycling efforts from sustainability auditor First Mile. The Silver Rating places the UK-based distributor among the top 20 percent of companies in the country that participate in recycling programs.

In 2016, Outstanding Branding recycled 1.65 tons of material and had an overall recycling

rate of 100 percent. This places the company within just a few points of achieving the Gold Standard in 2017.

“We believe in a world where you can recycle everything, from office waste to food, and at OutstandingBranding, we think it’s our responsibility to equip our team with opportunities to have a favorable impact on the environment,” says Sarah Penn, CEO.

First Mile works with over 14,000 businesses to help promote awareness and provide services to make it easy for companies who want to make a difference in saving the planet. The intent is to decrease the amount of waste that goes to the landfill.

Penn adds, “It is our commitment to be as carbon neutral a possible and reinforce our core value of respect to our customers and the environment.”