I use it when I wake up in the morning, before I go to sleep at night and as soon as I get off work. It’s replaced at least six skincare tools. I’ve only been using the TheraFace Pro for a week, and I already know I’ll never want to stop.

California-based supplier Therabody (PPAI 794574, S1) recently launched a new all-in-one face and skincare device that has beauty experts raving. The TheraFace Pro is a sleek, cutting-edge device that will revolutionize any morning or nighttime skincare routine.

It has a face cleanser, percussive therapy treatment, microcurrent device, LED light therapy and hot and cold treatments. The kit also includes a stand, a travel bag with pockets to store the different heads, the TheraOne Conductive Gel for the microcurrent treatment and a charging cable. It’s available in rose gold and white or black and gold.

This one product makes facial health treatments easy. The device also features a 15-second timer to help track treatment across the different areas of your face. With its futuristic design, recipients can use the TheraFace Pro to destress, rejuvenate and tone. The benefits are limitless—here’s what you need to know.

Percussive Therapy

The TheraFace Pro comes with three different percussive therapy attachments. It’s a mini massage gun for your face, neck and head. When I first tried it, it was a new sensation, but I could feel stress evaporate immediately. The percussion increases blood circulation and relieves tension in the face. You can also adjust the device’s settings across three percussive therapy speeds.

LED Light Therapy

There is one light ring that offers three different light therapies with a press of a button. The blue light setting helps to reduce mild to moderate acne. The red light setting helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes, and the red+infared light does the same while helping to temporarily reduce pain by warming the affected area. This ring light can also be used in tandem with percussion attachments.

Microcurrent Therapy

The microcurrent ring firms and tightens the skin. But don’t forget to put on the included conductive face gel first. With regular use, muscle tone in the face/neck should improve. This gentle current helps to firm and pump with every glide. It should boost elasticity and reduce wrinkles—all the good stuff. This is my favorite therapy treatment.

Why Is The TheraFace Pro Perfect For Promo?

The TheraFace Pro does more at $399 than any other beauty device. For $100, you can even add on, which includes both a hot and a cold ring. This tool is incredibly easy to use and store for safe keeping. All the attachments connect magnetically, and some attachments can be combined.

I can’t stop playing with it. It’s in my hand every day, which is why this is a perfect product to represent your client’s brand and connect with an end user. It’s long lasting, useful and innovative. With every use, clients will communicate their brand’s values, proving that not all beauty is pain.