Operating Virtually Can Create Disconnect Between Buyers, Sellers

While COVID-19 has shifted many business transactions and interactions online, the transition has revealed challenges affecting both buyers and sellers that are operating virtually. The Center for Sales Research surveyed 528 buyers and sellers for the report, “Virtual Selling Skills and Challenges: Buyers Shares Where Sellers are Succeeding and Failing,” which was published by global sales training company The RAIN Group.

“Building relationships, collaborating with buyers, leading sales conversations, making the ROI case, delivering value—these are hard to do regardless of the sales and economic environment,” says Mike Schultz, president at RAIN Group and director of the Center for Sales Research. “The data confirms that these are even more difficult to do when selling virtually. Buyers have expectations that aren’t even close to being met. It’s challenging enough to sell in this environment. If sellers don’t adjust and learn to showcase the skills that influence virtual buyer decision making, success will be very difficult to come by.”

The study found that only 26 percent of buyers believe sellers are skilled at leading a thorough needs discovery virtually, and 16 percent say sellers are very effective at making the ROI case when selling virtually, while 91 percent of sellers say gaining buyers’ attention and keeping them engaged online is very challenging.

For the full report, click here.

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Jae M. Rang
June 24, 2020
The report is excellent in helping sellers understand exactly what buyers are looking for and what is turning them off. Without the skills you're only as good as your price.
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