Ontario Considering Single-Use Plastic Ban

Ontario, Canada, is considering regulations that would ban single-use plastics, such as shopping bags and bottles, in the province. Its Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks has released a discussion paper providing details on the actions and commitments related to waste that were outlined in its Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan and is seeking public comment.

Ontario’s government notes that it generates nearly a ton of waste per person every year and the province’s overall diversion rate of waste into recycling programs has stalled below 30 percent over the past 15 years. One area highlighted in the discussion paper is plastic’s part in the province’s waste, noting that almost 10,000 tons of plastic debris enter the Great Lakes each year. In particular, the paper looks at single-use plastics and asks Ontario residents their thoughts on whether a ban would be effective in reducing plastic waste.

Speaking to the Toronto Sun, Ontario Environment Minister Rod Phillips says, “We are essentially saying, ‘How would those work and how have they worked in other jurisdictions effectively?' Plastics is a priority from our government’s point of view, particularly as we talk about plastics in our waterways.”

For more information on Ontario’s plans regarding litter and waste, the full discussion paper is available here.

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