Branding has everything to do with identity; who you are and what kind of products and services you represent. PPAI’s 2016 Consumer Study found that, when prompted with an unaided question, 83 percent of respondents said they recalled at least one brand and 23 percent recalled at least one message from a promotional product they received. However, if aided or given options, nine in 10 on average correctly recalled branding, and eight in 10 recalled messaging characteristics, which indicates that consumers are not always aware they are being advertised to when given promotional products.

The study refers to three advertising objectives: branding, messaging and call to action. In the study, company name and logo are referred to as branding; slogan and tagline are referred to as messaging; and website, social media, contact are referred to as calls to action.

Successful messaging creates a voice for brands to connect with their target audiences and create a memorable consumer experience, while a call to action directs recipients to take action, thus enabling brands to directly interact and engage with consumers, capturing a response rate and measuring quantifiable results. Promotional products effectively deliver high recall between all three strategic advertising objectives.

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