The hugely popular Netflix series, Stranger Things, is back. Fans all around the world returned to the Upside Down, binging Volume 1 of Season 4 over Memorial Day Weekend. The show has become a pop culture phenomenon and now, beloved pets can join the fun.

Thinking of fans who’ll cuddle up with their furry friends to watch the new season, Netflix partnered with PetSmart to create a series of show-inspired toys and apparel for pups. Each product is a nod to the show—from a waffle toy squeaker to a plush Steve Harrington bat toy.

Dogs are the most widely owned type of pet in the U.S. Studies show that dogs help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. People love to spoil their “fur babies,” too. With pet promotions, recipients can connect with the brand and their beloved pets.

Here are a few “strange” pet products inspired by the hit show.

This Scoops Ahoy Uniform Hat and Collar Slide Set will make furry friends look like Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley working at the Starcourt Mall.

Steve Harrington famously used a spiked bat in Season 2 to fight off the demodogs. This plush toy is modeled after the infamous weapon and is perfect for any pup.

Play a game of Dungeons and Dragons with your dog just like the AV Club plays in Mike’s basement. This plush toy looks exactly like a D&D dice from the game.

Just like Eleven loves her waffles, your dog will love this Waffle plush toy.