For the first time, in 2017 more than half of U.S. online shoppers are expected to use their mobile devices to complete a purchase. The digital marketing researchers at eMarketer predict that 95.1 million Americans over the age of 14, or 51.2 percent of digital buyers, will make at least one purchase using their smartphone next year.

In 2017, smartphones will account for 50 percent—$75.51 billion—of mobile commerce, or m-commerce, sales, up from 2016’s 48 percent. While growing and accounting for 32 percent of all ecommerce sales in 2016, m-commerce still represents a relatively small share of total retail sales, 2.6 percent.

“Most shoppers regularly browse and research on their smartphones, but they’re now also making purchases with them,” says eMarketer retail analyst Yory Wurmser. “As mobile sites become better optimized and screen sizes grow, it’s becoming easier for shoppers to complete the purchase on the smartphone, which will drive m-commerce numbers up for the next several years.”

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