Maple Ridge Farms (PPAI 114165, S8) presented “The Taste of Excellence,” a virtual chocolate tasting event, to distributors on October 7. The focus of the event was to educate attendees on food gifts and the Mosinee, Wisconsin-based supplier’s products. Early registrants were sent a kit that included a selection of Maple Ridge Farms’ chocolates, allowing them to experience during the event what they could provide to their customers.

“Flavor is a representation of your customers’ brand and legacy,” says Jodie Schillinger, executive vice president of Maple Ridge Farms. “We wanted to create an unforgettable and epic chocolate tasting event where we could amplify the flavor and quality that you receive when you partner with Maple Ridge Farms.”

Schillinger, along with National Sales Executives Jamie Johnson and Traci Simonis, presented the interactive virtual tasting event. She says, “We believe that, just as a photo is worth a thousand words, a taste is, too. Food is a multi-sensory experience and we’re thrilled to be able to create memorable moments through branded food-gifting.”