In a letter to promo industry contacts released on Saturday, Ross Silverstein, founder, president and CEO of distributor iPROMOTEu (PPAI 218870, D12) announced a major revenue rebound in 2021 over 2020.

“Remarkably, 2021 was one of iPROMOTEu’s best years in its 20-plus year history with order volume exceeding $180 million,” the letter said. Silverstein noted a marked decline in PPE sales and a sluggish Q1 in 2021, but says the year trended upward.

“This represents a significant increase compared to not only 2020, but to 2019 as well,” Silverstein says. “All in all, iPROMOTEu weathered the COVID-19 storm quite impressively. And, as we journey into a new year, I am excited and extremely optimistic about iPROMOTEu’s prospects, and the prospects for all our Affiliates, in 2022.”

iPROMOTEu currently reports 609 independent distributor affiliates.