Will Francois, vice president of creative services at Iowa City, Iowa, supplier Tru Art Advertising Calendars (PPAI 113720) passed away on October 25 after a battle with cancer. He was 67.

Francois began his career in the promotional products industry in 1989. In a statement, Tru Art said, “Will remained relentlessly positive, hard-working, and dedicated to his work. His passion for calendar advertising was almost unequaled. We were fortunate to enjoy nearly three decades of Will’s talent, friendship, dedication and much more with our companies. He was a true professional devoted to the value of calendar advertising and our industry. His sincere passion for most everything with which he was involved benefited most everyone with whom he came in contact.”

Francois is survived by his wife Judy; sons Rob and Michael, who are both associated with Tru Art; and three grandchildren. Services were held on October 30 at the River Community Church in Iowa City.