Image Group Inc. (PPAI 100422) in Vancouver, British Columbia, reported today that it has become carbon neutral. The distributor partnered with Climate Smart Businesses, Inc. on the project, a company that helps businesses track, measure and profitably reduce their carbon emissions.

In working to become carbon neutral, the distributor focused first on understanding its carbon footprint before putting practices in place to reduce emissions wherever possible, and then offsetting greenhouse gas emissions that could not be reduced or eliminated.

“We shop locally for our customers whenever we can, and when we source internationally we seek out suppliers that share our values. But as our company grows, freight can too,” says Laura Hansen, president.

Team Lead Barbara Yung adds, “Climate Smart trained and coached us on how to measure our carbon emissions. With their guidance, we established an emissions reduction plan. “We have taken this initiative one step further and committed to being carbon neutral beginning with our 2016 emissions. We purchased carbon offsets though Offsetters [a Canadian carbon management solutions provider] who invest in high-quality greenhouse gas reduction projects with verifiable climate benefits.”