Supplier Hub Pen Company (UPIC: HUBPEN) has adopted PromoStandards and put in place technology service to implement and support it. PromoStandards is a nonprofit group of industry IT professionals that focuses on the development of technology standards to enable system-to-system communication in an effort to reduce the frictional cost of business between suppliers and distributors.

To date, Hub Pen has released the Inventory and Order Status standards and is currently testing the Shipping Notification standard. The Product Media Content and Product Data standards are in the works for later in 2016. Hub Pen has committed to adopting all future standards released by Promo Standards.

Hub Pen has joined a number of distributors and suppliers in leveraging the Inventory or Order Status Standards. These include: AIA Corporation; Kaeser & Blair, Inc.; Facilisgroup; Geiger; InkHead Promotional Products; HALO Branded Solutions; AnyPromo; The Vernon Company; Summit Group; Essent; Distributor Central; and commonsku.

“Hub Pen’s upgrade allows AIA distributors to quickly check inventory levels and details right from within our ordering application,” says Paul Weller, director of IT for distributor AIA Corporation. “This improves our customer satisfaction, reduces distributor stress and phone calls/emails to Hub Pen, and further advances our supply chain partnership we have built with Hub Pen as an AIA MVP Supplier. We look forward to working closely with Hub Pen and implementing more Promo Standard services in the coming months.”

Dan Rochette, founder and CTO of business services company Facilisgroup, adds, “Facilis offers leading-edge technology to well over 100 of the top distributors in U.S. and Canada, and we’ve been working with Hub Pen for many years. Now with the adoption of Promo Standards by both Facilis and Hub, a wealth of information will be available at our partners’ fingertips that wasn’t available before.”