Supplier HPG, based in Braintree, Massachusetts, has announced an exclusive partnership with direct-to-consumer brand Fracture to bring its products to the promotional products market. HPG says that the announcement is the first in a series of exclusive retail brand partnerships it will unveil in 2021 under its new "HPG Exclusive" brand. HPG operates in the promotional products industry through supplier brands, including Hub, Beacon Promotions, BEST Promotions USA, Debco, BCG, Origaudio, HandStands, HPG Exclusive, Batch & Bodega and Webb Company.

Fracture offers a unique method of direct‐to‐glass printing in which each glass print is hand‐crafted in Fracture’s Alachua, Florida, facility and ships securely in proprietary packaging with mounting or display hardware included. Seeing Fracture prints as perfect for a variety of applications such as awards, corporate gifts, office décor and more, HPG will initially offer five of Fracture’s most popular styles, available at a one‐piece minimum with 48‐hour production times. Sales of Fracture prints will be led by HPG’s Specialty team, headed by Nick Lateur, and customer service will be managed by the HPG Exclusive Team out of the Braintree facility.

“At HPG, our focus is on pushing the boundaries of innovation through our products and partnerships, and Fracture is an ideal brand to help us accomplish that goal,” says Jason Lucash, HPG’s chief development officer. “We see Fracture being ideal as an individual gift, a great way to brand a space and a modern antidote to a traditional award plaque. It’s hard to describe how brilliant and unique Fracture prints really are until you get them in your hands—or on your wall. The craftsmanship is absolutely incredible, and we can’t wait to get Fracture out into our market. With so many of us still working from home, we see Fracture as a great way to offer personalized gifts that pull double duty as home and office decor.”

Abhi Lokesh, CEO of Fracture, adds, “We couldn’t be more excited to take this next step with HPG. Our shared values rooted in delivering the highest quality products while minimizing environmental impact make HPG the ideal partner as we enter the promotional channel.”