Supplier HPG has formed a new, exclusive partnership with Master & Dynamic, a New York City-based maker of premium personal audio goods. HPG will offer promo-industry access to the award‐winning luxury retail brand under the HPG Exclusive line. Master & Dynamic headphones and earphones will be available from HPG Exclusive at one‐piece minimums with 48‐hour delivery times, and every order will include an optional gift message.

Master & Dynamic is a premium audio brand with professional-grade headphones backed by quality materials and design. Founder Jonathan Levine was first drawn to headphones after building a recording studio in his office to support his shared passion with his music-obsessed son, Robert, an emerging DJ/music producer. Levine is a serial consumer products entrepreneur and while touring colleges with his son, came across a pair of WWII aviator headphones in a museum, and could not help but notice how elegant and timeless they looked. The brand launched a small earphone and headphone collection in 2014 and has continued to grow, collaborating with luxury brands including Paris Saint‐Germain, Automobili Lamborghini, The Rolling Stones, Away and BAPE, while expanding its core product offerings along the way.

A supporter of the local creative community, Master & Dynamic is also a longtime sponsor of the arts program at the Harlem Village Academies, a public charter school network in Harlem.

“As a consumer, I’ve been a fan of Master & Dynamic for years and I honestly couldn’t be happier to bring them into the promo industry,” says HPG’s Chief Development Officer Jason Lucash. “Master & Dynamic is a true niche brand with incredibly high standards that raise the bar for everyone; there’s a huge difference between mass‐market specialty headphones and what you’ll find from Master & Dynamic. When you put on a pair of their headphones, you can hear the difference in audio engineering immediately—it’s amazing.”