(Editor’s Note: PPAI’s annual Pyramid Awards, sponsored by Pacesetter Awards Co., honor creative excellence in the promotional products industry and the outstanding promotions, creative campaigns and exceptional craftsmanship of Association members. The 2023 Pyramid Awards are now accepting submissions.)

With submissions to the 2023 PPAI Pyramid Awards still officially open, PPB Newslink is sharing the stories of several 2022 winners to highlight their accomplishments and to learn more about what it means to secure a PPAI Pyramid win. Today we’re taking a look at Social Good Promotions, Inc (PPAI 758283, D1), which used a campaign to showcase the “why” behind their company’s mission to “connect commerce with purpose.”

The distributor’s multi-faceted campaign not only communicated its purpose to clients and peers and helped grow its business by 86% year-over-year during the campaign, it also won a Silver Pyramid in the Marketing Program category, its second consecutive Silver Pyramid. The campaign implemented web-hosted videos, webinars, original podcasts and articles, along with appearances on industry and non-industry channels.

Reminder: PPAI Pyramid Awards announced the creation of a Content Marketing Programs category for 2023, which a campaign like Social Good Promotions’ might fit neatly into going forward.

Social Good Promotions’ founder Roger Burnett says that a PPAI Pyramid Award is just another reason for someone to trust your company.

“Your clients are looking for reasons to trust your expertise,” Burnett says. “What better way to communicate your credibility and authority than to share with them the campaigns for which you’ve won peer-reviewed awards?”

Burnett says that the company is focused so intensely on the growth and execution of its mission that the campaign, and the pyramid submission itself, was an opportunity to gauge how the company had fared from an outside perspective.

”Our peers in the industry admit to struggling to effectively market themselves,” Burnett says.“While we don’t claim superiority over anyone else, we believed our commitment to longer-form, video-enabled content would serve us well as we strive to set ourselves apart from our competition, and we wanted to test that theory by submitting the project we created to do just that.The Silver Award was a great validation that we’re on the right track.”

Social Good Promotions tries not to take a shallow perspective of the awards process. Validation can be instructive. It’s just as important for a company to be aware of what it is good at as it is to know where it needs improvement.

“I won’t pretend we don’t want to win these awards, but to us they are a reflection of the quality of the work we do, not a means by which to convince a client or prospect to be compelled to want to work with us,” Burnett says.