You can fry an egg in the shade—that’s how hot it is outside.

In mid-July, more than 100 million Americans—from Kentucky to Texas—were under heat advisories or warnings from the National Weather Service. In some cities, temperatures reached 110 degrees. In Britain, it was the first time that the temperature had exceeded 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). This weekend, Seattle and Portland, Oregon, set records for the most consecutive days of high temperatures.

Everyone’s feeling the heat, and they’re looking for ways to beat it. To visit clients, industry road warriors are used to braving the heat. They say the best heat-related products will focus on one thing—hydration.

“I’ve been a Florida resident since 1984, so I am no stranger to summer heat and humidity,” Shelley Bednarski, MAS, regional sales executive at Sweda, says. “There are a couple must-haves that I always have in my car. First, and foremost, is my Mesa Tundra Water Bottle. Having been a multiline rep as well as direct factory rep for many suppliers, plus having lots of friends in the industry, I have tried so many around our industry, and I find that this bottle keeps my ice for well over 24 hours. The wide mouth also makes it super easy to refill with my favorite flavored water or iced coffee throughout the day.”

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Bednarski says a windshield sunshade is another must-have. “On an average day, a sunshade will keep the inside of the car 25-30% cooler than if it were not used. This allows the A/C to cool down the car faster,” she says. “But the No. 1 thing is to make sure to stay hydrated. If you are not stopping to use the restroom frequently throughout the day, you are not drinking enough water.”

Whether end users are driving, flying or walking down the street, a good water bottle is invaluable. Jeff Solomon, MAS, a HALO affiliated distributor and promo content creator, says, “I just returned from St. Louis, where I was able to visit my friends at Facilisgroup and Charles Duggan, MAS, from Goldstar. The trip included the customary delayed and redirected flights. Sitting on a tarmac for over an hour in a hot plane is no fun.

“My travel tip is hydrate. Most airports have filtered water bottle fillers, so you can avoid buying an uninsulated $6.00 water bottle in demon plastic. I love the Ora brand of bottles from Spector & Co. Quality and brilliant design."

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Quinn Bui, southwest sales executive at Raining Rose, is beginning a two-month van trip around his territory (CO, AZ, UT, NV, CA). He says, “My girlfriend will be joining me for half of the duration. We are excited and ready for our adventure ahead.

“We have been doing van life for over a year and a half, so record-breaking heat doesn't scare us. The great thing about having your home on wheels is that we can drive to a cooler location. If it's hot outside, we try to go to a higher altitude where it's cooler. If we are stuck in the city, we do have a few go-to products that help keep us cool.”

But if Bui could only pack one thing, it’d be an insulated water bottle. He says, “You jump from meetings to meetings in your vehicle when you're a road warrior. Having a trusty water bottle that you can leave in the car in between meetings is vital so you always come back to a nice cold drink.”

For the next heat wave, Bui suggests products from a handful of popular promo categories.

The DisplaySplash Car Sunshade is effective at keeping car temperature low and protects your car's interior accessories against harmful UV rays. Made from waterproof, block-out fabric, this sunshade is also durable and convenient to use. Easy to use, twist to pop open the two separate panels sunshades and place them under your car's windshield. Twist to fold them back, secure them with the attached elastic straps and store the sunshades inside the included storage pouch.

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Recipients can enjoy the convenience of this light weight, portable clip-on mini fan and take it anywhere. With the rechargeable Lithium battery, just charge it up with the included USB cable. The unique clip-on design helps keep the fan close whether you’re sitting at your desk or out for a walk. The fan can run continuously for two to four hours depending on the adjustable speed. The 360-degree rotation allows users to enjoy the cool air in any position.

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This Cooler Caddy Jr. has a fully insulated main compartment with heat-sealed liner. It can hold up to six cans plus ice. There are two additional zippered outside pockets with mesh organizer and two outside mesh pockets for quick access. A large handle and adjustable shoulder strap make it easy to carry.

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The Cooling Towel keeps you cooler while doing activities indoors or outside in the heat. Simply wet with water and wring to activate (refresh with more water as needed). It remains dry to the touch. It’s made with 100% eco-friendly chemical free microfiber polyester material which is more comfortable than standard cotton towels. Hand wash prior to use. A full color sublimation imprint is included in the price.

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