There are many advantages to being a PPAI member. One little known perk is the ability to use the Association’s headquarters, conveniently located in Irving, Texas, near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, for company meetings when space is available.

Last week, Illinois-based distributor HALO (PPAI 106462, D15) took advantage of that membership benefit, holding a two-day strategy meeting with executives and key sales leaders at PPAI HQ.

“It’s great to be meeting again,” said Jim Stutz, EVP of sales and business development at HALO. “We are so appreciative of PPAI for allowing us to use their headquarters. It’s a great reminder of the industry and the importance of getting everybody together.”

Holding the meeting in Irving also afforded HALO the chance to gain industry insights by connecting with Association leadership, sharing best practices and observations on the evolving promotional products marketplace from the perspective of its largest distributor. For some, it was the first visit to PPAI headquarters.

PPAI President & CEO Dale Denham, MAS+, says, “It is always great to have a chance to interact with members wherever we can, and we love having members visit us in Dallas for a short visit or to take advantage of our meeting space when useful.”

Dale Limes, MAS, HALO’s senior vice president of sales, said the company is always looking for a great meeting destination.

“Dallas is awesome,” Limes said. “We felt like this could be a better place for us to have meeting. It’s a great meeting room, and we see the premises, meet the people and have fun.”

The HALO contingent included some familiar faces. The Association’s current Board Chair, Dawn Olds, MAS, serves as the distributor’s senior vice president for industry relations and diversity, equity and inclusion. And HALO’s Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Paul Bellantone, is the former CEO of PPAI.

However, Denham says, this was no instance of special treatment. Companies interested in hosting meetings at PPAI HQ should reach out to their membership contact for availability information.

“Our largest meeting room will hold up to 30 people easily,” he says. "We are centrally located for flights, and only about 10 minutes from the airport. In many cases, we can also have an executive come share insights in your meeting where valuable. We also enjoy the opportunity to gain insights from our members during these sessions.”