This holiday season, Halls & Company (UPIC: IDLINE), manufacturer of ID Line, raised a total of $2,912 for local Minneapolis, Minnesota food shelves. While donations were given to three different food shelves, the majority of the Brooklyn Park-based supplier’s donations went to the North-Suburban Emergency Assistance Response (NEAR) located in Crystal, Minnesota.

“We feel it is important to give back to our local community,” says Janet Adams, president and CEO of Halls & Company. “Through our donations to these local food shelves, we’re able to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the people in our community.”

The NEAR Food Shelf purchased 110 cases of turkey breasts for Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes. In total, it was able to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to over 1,100 families in the local community. Jan Monroe from the NEAR Food Shelf adds, “What a wonderful group of people. For several years now, Halls & Company has donated money to the NEAR Food Shelf to be used for our holiday expenses. Donations this year totaled $2,912. This is a lot of money and we certainly needed it. When you give us over $2.500 that is over one-third of the cost and this helps us more than you will ever realize.”

A nonprofit volunteer organization, NEAR responds to the emergency needs of people in its community. Through a cooperative effort of twelve area churches, volunteers provide emergency food relief to residents of northern Robbinsdale, Crystal, and New Hope who live between 42nd and 62nd Avenues North.