Montreal, Quebec-based supplier Gildan (PPAI 250187, S13) has signed onto another two-year partnership with children’s charity World Vision Honduras, locking in what will soon be a decade-long collaborative effort to support communities in Honduras. In this next phase, Gildan has committed $175,000 toward a Children’s Education and Transformation program, bringing Gildan’s investment to over $600,000 since the partnership began. To date, more than 147,000 children and 5,000 teachers have been positively impacted by Gildan and World Vision Honduras’ partnership.

“We are extremely excited about this new chapter in our partnership,” says Paola Villanueva, Gildan communications manager in Honduras. “Over the next two years, Gildan and World Vision Honduras will continue to support and develop the education programs that were launched at the onset of our partnership close to eight years ago. We’ll also be introducing a new initiative aimed at strengthening the skills of students and teachers in order to help them adapt to current needs following the pandemic.”

The initiative is part of Gildan’s commitment to creating stronger communities by investing in childhood education and offering teachers, parents and students training opportunities in areas ranging from technology and communications, to environmental conservation and child protection.

“With this new program, our primary goal is to provide teachers with training aimed at helping them better support students in their education process,” says Villanueva. “The program also includes a component focused on child protection, which invites children and their parents to engage on topics related to children’s rights, violence prevention and gender equality.”

Villanueva adds, “We are optimistic about what we will accomplish together over the course of the next two years as we put a greater emphasis on supporting education and access to technology.”