Consumers’ concerns over what brands do with their personal data is an ongoing worry for many shoppers and businesses. A survey from data and data-driven intelligence solutions provider InfoGroup, “Privacy Matters: How Different Generations Think About Their Data,” highlights generational differences in consumers’ trust.

Overall, the survey behind the report found that 88 percent of consumers have data privacy concerns and that 80 percent say they are more concerned now than they were in the past. Most—60 percent—believe privacy no longer exists in a “hyper-connected” world. Still, all of those surveyed are taking greater efforts to protect their data online, particularly those age 55 or older.

InfoGroup’s research found that 65 percent of consumers strongly agree or agree that giving a company their personal data poses a risk. Among respondents, 55 percent strongly agree that the companies they do business with keep their data secure and 28 percent agree.

The survey found generational differences in the approaches consumers take to protect their data. Those over age 55 say they restrict their social media use. The same group lists financial services and health care as the most trustworthy business sectors, regarding to their data security. While younger generations also rate those sectors highly, they do not do so at the same level as their older peers and outpace them in their trust of newer institutions.

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