Geiger has released the results of its participation in UPS’ carbon neutral program, which it entered into in 2012. In 2016, the distributor shipped 459,605 packages weighing a total of 8,288,647 pounds. Under this program, Geiger purchased offsets for nearly 1,100 metric tons of CO2 emissions. This amount was offset through the purchase of carbon neutral credits.

“Geiger looks for ways to continue our social responsibility, including our new facilities in Maine,” says Jo-an Lantz, MAS, chief operating officer for Geiger. “We are so pleased with the environmental impact of the amazing results we see every year of this program.”

UPS calculates carbon emissions for all UPS shipments from point of origination, including international shipments, to delivery point. Geiger then purchases and retires offsets equaling that amount. Offset projects include reforestation, renewable energy, methane and landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment and destruction of industrial pollutants.

In addition to the carbon neutral program, Geiger has begun a renovation project on its corporate offices in Lewiston, Maine. The design includes a solar array of 696 panels, generating an expected 90 percent of the electricity needed for the offices. When completed, the office building will be designed as a Maine Advanced Building and will be LEED certified at the Gold level. It boasts the largest array for any business in the state and is in the top five of all installations.

Gene Geiger, CEO for Geiger, adds, “Our commitment to solar energy will eliminate more than eight million pounds of carbon pollution over the estimated 40-year lifespan.”