Facilisgroup (PPAI 493664), a software-as-a-service company and partnering community within the promotional products industry, has launched a new website as well as a new name for its heritage software product.

Over the past 15 years, Facilisgroup has delivered tools, transparency and insights to the industry through its proprietary CRM and workflow software solution, @ease. However, the company notes, as the technology has evolved, it became increasingly clear that the @ease name doesn’t quite capture the innovative spirit behind the software. On that note, Facilisgroup has announced that @ease is now Syncore to reinforce the idea that the software is at the core of the distributor’s business—to streamline the workflow and increase revenue—with synergies within the technology, supply chain and community that allow for expansion where needed.

Facilisgroup has also launched its newly designed website which offers a look into current technological solutions and professional development opportunities, as well as news, careers and a peek into the exclusive Facilisgroup Community.