Expo East attendees wanting to take a something home with them to pique their intellect and stir their curiosity can take advantage of show’s book sale featuring work from past and present presenters. The books are available Monday and Tuesday at the professional development information center on the fourth floor of the Atlantic City Convention Center.

One Tech Action

by Crystal Washington

Most professionals are overloaded and don't have enough hours in the day to finish everything they need to complete. All the prioritizing in the world won't fix that problem. The only viable option is to push things off their plates! That's where One Tech Action comes into play.

From Expo East 2017 Power Keynote Luncheon speaker Crystal Washington, this book is written in a conversational tone, free from overuse of tech jargon. It’s easily accessible and presents pragmatic solutions to challenges busy professionals face daily. The chapters contain real-life illustrations of how apps can be used to automate chores at home, present solutions in a work crisis, build deeper relationships, and assist with self-care. The book also offers online safety solutions from a cybersecurity expert and FBI computer scientist.

Price: $16.95

What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and It’s Always Your Turn)

by Seth Godin

From Expo and Expo East 2016 Keynote Speaker Seth Godin, this book is an urgent call to do the work we’re hiding from; a manifesto about living with things that might not work and embracing tension when doing your art. It pushes us to dig deep inside so we can do better work and affect the things we care about.

Price: $25 (normally $44)

Sell When You See The Whites Of Their Eyes!

by Steve A. Klein

Why are some salespeople more successful than other salespeople? Why do some salespeople continually outsell their competitors? Author Steve A Klein says great salespeople enter every presentation knowing the sales techniques and using them when appropriate, while focusing

on the prospect.

Price: $20 (normally $29.95)

Sell Like You Mean It!

by Troy Harrison

With more than 17 years of experience winning sales and building winning sales teams, Troy Harrison is changing the way business owners and sales managers look at selling. Harrison has helped companies grow their sales and profits for over 20 years. His proven techniques have finally been collected into one volume.

Price: $19.95 (normally $29.95)

The Pocket Sales Manager

by Troy Harrison

Troy Harrison’s book is his offering to sales managers, both new and inexperienced, who want to understand how to use their position to build strong, powerful, profitable, and productive sales forces. The Pocket Sales Manager covers all phases of sales management, from evaluation of the salespeople and processes to hiring, training, coaching and accountability.

Price: $19.95

American Dragon: Winning the Global Manufacturing War Using the Universal Principles of Fewer, Faster, and Finer

by Michael Woody, CAS

This book from Michael Woody, CAS, explains the evolution of the economic forces that put small U.S. manufacturers in our currently precarious position, and how other forces–currency fluctuation, labor shortages, increasing transportation costs due to rising oil prices, the compression of geographic supply chains, and new, more stringent Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines–are now working in our favor. It also teaches you how to take advantage of this new environment and take business back from overseas manufacturers by implementing the three simple principles of Fewer, Faster, Finer.

Price: $17.97 (normally $19.97)