Everythingbranded.com CEO Featured UK’s The Secret Teacher Program

Paul Rowlett, CEO of UK-based distributor EverythingBranded.com (PPAI 713224, D1) has appeared in a new four-part series on Channel 4 in the UK called The Secret Teacher. The series aired on August 8 with Rowlett as the first of four successful businessowners featured, all of whom struggled in school, going undercover at Haileybury Turnford School in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, to give failing students a helping hand. With the exception of three members of staff, none of the students or staff knew who Rowlett was.

Ex-servicemember Rowlett, who was homeless just nine years ago, is featured in the inaugural program as a support teacher. Prior to setting up EverythingBranded.com, Rowlett had lost two previous sales positions and, with no hope of re-employment, was forced to take stock of his life. With a modest loan and a laptop, he set up a successful promotional products and branding business that has now achieved international success.

The series puts a spotlight on the increasing challenges faced by the country’s education system. As a result of the growing funding crisis in the UK, schools like Haileybury Turnford are under pressure, with class sizes increasing, staff numbers falling and budgets stretched to the point where the worst-hit schools can’t afford even basic equipment.

Talking about his role in the TV series, Rowlett says, “My schooldays weren't happy ones. I came from a broken home and I wasn't academic. I was destined to fail. I left at 16 with only one GCSE. However, returning to school has been a positive experience for me. It was fantastic getting to know the kids, but heart-breaking hearing about their problems both in and out of school.”

He adds, “It is clear that things have never been tougher in our schools, especially for those students with additional learning or other needs. I am full of admiration for Haileybury Turnford School. In spite of the enormous challenges they face day after day, the staff there are totally committed to the kids. Above all else, I am glad that I have been able to make a difference by getting to know the staff and the pupils there and in turn providing much needed financial help to the school and those pupils who really stood out for me."

Rowlett is currently in the U.S., opening a new office for EverythingBranded.com in Las Vegas, where he is working to develop the brand, build on his success in the UK and bring the culture and careers of EverythingBranded.co.uk to the U.S. market.

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