Essent Corporation Unveils New Headquarters, Research and Development Center

Essent Corporation (UPIC: essent) has completed the development of a new $2.5 million headquarters. Essent Place is a 10,500-square-foot, state-of-the-art technology research and development center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, that serves as the new corporate center and home for the business services provider.

“Essent Place is our continued commitment to Essent customers and colleagues: an innovative R&D center built to facilitate and support the inventive, collaborative, hard-working, and playful Essent culture,” says Essent President and CEO Eric Alessi. “Every facet of Essent Place is designed to maximize the workplace experience and support people as they create technology solutions designed to delight our consumers.”

Essent Place will accommodate the expanding Essent staff, which has grown by more than 30 percent over the past two years. It is designed to support the Essent Project Implementation Cycle (EPIC), through which Essent analyzes customers’ problems, designs and develops solutions, and supports customers throughout the software life cycle. It features team rooms for analysts, designers, programmers, engineers and support teams. It includes nooks for collaboration in small groups in addition to social areas, including a café with coffee shop-style seating, a lunch bar and entertainment options.

“Essent Place not only provides space for our growing staff, but it also provides the resources and environment that allow the staff to best serve Essent customers,” adds Essent Executive Vice President Ron Cahill.

Essent began planning Essent Place in 2013. It broke ground at 161 N. Commerce Way in early 2016 and moved in on October 28.

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