Emojis Carve Out Space In Office Communications But Questions Remain

Emojis appear to have established themselves in the workplace. A survey of 500 full-time employees in the U.S. by ratings and review firm Clutch found that 77 percent of workers have used emojis at work in the past three months. More than 40 percent of employees use emojis at least once a day, with 19 percent including them in internal emails and another 19 percent using them in meeting tool chat messages.

Workplaces are divided over if it is acceptable to use emojis in business communication, Clutch reports. It notes that the divide over if it is appropriate to use emojis in work-related communications shows how people remain torn over what is most important when creating a company culture. While nearly one-third (31 percent) of American workers rely on emojis to convey tone and visualize emotions better in workplace communications, another 31 percent of workers said it is very unprofessional to use emojis in work emails.

Before the pandemic, casual conversations in the office enhanced company culture and boosted morale. Without face-to-face conversations, teams lost office social interactions. Now, some employees rely on emojis to replicate this camaraderie. Although emojis can help coworkers build stronger connections as they work from home, only 15 percent of employees said they used emojis more during the pandemic, according to Clutch’s study. And while more than three in 10 people (31 percent) send emojis to colleagues at the same level, only five percent feel comfortable sending emojis to the CEO of their company.

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