Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based distributor Visual Impressions (UPIC: V345125) has opened a new screen-printing production facility in St. Louis, Missouri. Visual Impressions expects the move to help the company offer customers more one-day ground shipping and broaden its reach into newer markets.

Jay Berman, Visual Impressions’ owner, says, "One of our key production managers, Kyle Petersen, had to move to St. Louis for a family-based opportunity. He is so well thought of that we basically built a shop around him."

The distributor’s 100,000 square-foot Milwaukee facility employs more than 100 people and offers screen-printed, digitally printed and embroidered apparel. The new St. Louis location, in a 10,000 square-foot space, will focus on screen printing initially.

All art, purchasing, HR and day-to-day administrative functions will be handled through the Milwaukee office. Berman adds, "It's really the best of both worlds. We get the reach of having two facilities in different states, but a lot of the oversight with the orders happens with our main personnel we already have on staff.”