Medley, Florida-based DiscountMugs (PPAI 704861, D12) has partnered with IMC Health Medical Centers to donate 11,000 face masks to low-income seniors in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. The average age of recipients is 74 and most don’t have the means to buy the masks themselves.

“We know that the public is having a hard time finding masks,” says DiscountMugs CEO Sai Koppaka. “In our conversations with IMC, we understood that patients were concerned about not having them and experiencing anxiety as a result. We are pleased that we were able to step in and provide them for this vulnerable population.”

The masks will be delivered to patients’ homes along with instructions on how to safely use the mask and a contact number for any questions.

Koppaka adds, “Given our sourcing experience worldwide, we were able to leverage our supplier relationships to find a source in China with supply of these masks. We’ve seen demand from our customers in the health care field and other essential industries trying to operate in a COVID-19 environment.”