Cubs Win Expected To Hit Cap Sales Out Of The Park

Last night’s spectacular Chicago Cubs win, which clenched the World Series title with an 8-7 victory over the Cleveland Indians in Cleveland’s Progressive Field, has sparked an unprecedented demand for Cubs branded apparel.

New Era Cap Co., Inc. , official producer of MLB caps, produced a number of styles of Cubs and Indians World Series caps during the games this past week for players, management and fans and kicked production into high gear the minute the game was over.

“Our plant outside Buffalo, New York, can do a couple hundred thousand caps in 24 hours, says Dana Marciniak, director of public relations for New Era Cap Co. “With this historic win, demand has gone through the roof.”

The company, which has been producing caps for almost 100 years, was well prepared. She explains that a team of people at the company watch the games, and as teams get closer to the world championship and retailers put in orders for different styles and kinds of caps, the company estimates how many caps to make and where to ship them. As teams clinch wins, New Era ramps up its inventory and adds a third shift at the manufacturing facility to keep up with demand.

In addition to the New York manufacturing facility, the company has two distribution centers, in Pennsylvania and Texas. The finished Cubs caps were shipped by air freight early this morning to reach retailers in the Chicagoland area but they’ll be sold in stores across the country and also online.

Predicting the quantity for this year’s games was more difficult than in the past because neither team had been to the World Series in decades and both come from highly passionate fan bases. “We knew we had to be ready if any of them came this far,” she adds. “We had predicted making about three million more caps if the Cubs had won—that’s 140 percent more than we produced for the 2015 World Series games.”

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