Crystal D Celebrates Employees At 16th Annual WOW Day

St. Paul, Minnesota, supplier Crystal D (PPAI 112326) celebrated its 16th annual WOW Day on January 19. WOW Day was designed to recognize the hard work and dedication of Crystal D employees throughout the year.

Crystal D honored five new Value Champions and a new Grand Value Champion at the event. These six individuals were nominated throughout the year by their peers for embodying Crystal D's five core values. Final selections were made by the management team.

The 2017 Value Champions are:

Grand Value Champion: David Schaeppi, production department
Integrity Value Champion: Joe Christensen, art department
Quality Value Champion: Derek Edwards, production department
Respect Value Champion: Eric Wiberg, customer service department
Commitment Value Champion: Jake Calleja, customer service department
Passion Value Champion: Mike "Zito" Vitali, production department

Twelve other awards were distributed during WOW Day, including the Leadership Award, given to Rich "Fiish" Irvine, production manager. Crystal D President Chuck Dahlgren says, “Richie has become a true leader in this organization. The organization looks to you for guidance, and we appreciate everything you do for us."

Other winners honored at WOW Day include:
Rookies of the Year: Lexi Kurttila, marketing department, and Tawauna Garner, customer service department
Rising Star: Jim Burke, business development, and Ehgay Poe, production department
Expect Excellence: Jen Contreras, marketing department
Kick-Ass Attitude: Becca Delaney, business development
Step Up: Brenda Peralta, customer service department, and Linda Chang, production department
Above and Beyond: Tom Warkel, solutions department, and Lee Yang, IT department
Volunteer of the Year: Darlene Sheetz, accounting department
Leadership Award: Rich "Fiish" Irvine, production department

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