Quick and convenient service, coupled with a calculated approach to personalization, are the key drivers in fostering customer engagement, a consumer survey finds. Market intelligence firm Verint Systems’ findings highlight that effortless resolution is king for consumers in their interactions with businesses.

The two top-rated responses that created a positive impression of companies were “I felt they dealt with my request quickly” (47 percent) and “they understood my issue and history” (34 percent). When asked to choose between “customer service is an experience that should reflect me as a person” and “customer service is a transaction—it shouldn’t matter who I am,” 55 percent went with the latter.

In regard to personalization, the survey found that familiarity can be a double-edge sword. Customers struggle with the balance between privacy and personalization. Younger respondents (18-34) were more comfortable with personalization (59 percent) compared with those over 35, where less than half (46 percent) indicated they would choose personalization over privacy concerns. In its findings, Verint notes  that there is a quid-pro-quo regarding personalization between customers and providers. In some industries familiarization and sharing of personal data is necessary in order to deliver service. For these, the lines of acceptable personalization extend further as compared to commodity industries.

The report also indicated that long-term relationships with brands are on the decline. Compared to a similar survey conducted in 2012, the percentage of respondents indicating that they maintained a relationship with their service provider for three years or more declined from 85 to 60 percent. Customers older than 35 were more likely to maintain long-term relationships (70 percent) as compared to younger consumers (ages 18-34), where less than half (40 percent) indicated they had been with service providers for three years or more.

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