Consumers Shun Social Media For Customer Service Needs

For all its achievements, one aspect of modern business that social media hasn’t seemed to capture is customer service. A survey by enterprise software solutions NICE Systems and the Boston Consulting Group found that the number of consumers who use social media to resolve customer service issues dropped between 2013 and 2015. Also, the share of respondents who never use or are not offered social media customer service rose from 58 percent in 2013 to 65 percent in 2015.

While satisfaction and success decreased over the past two years with all contact channels, the survey uncovered a number of specific reasons why consumers do not use social media for their customer service needs. For 33 percent of respondents, it’s because it takes too long to address issues, while 32 percent cite its limited functionality and 30 percent say it isn’t feasible for complex tasks.

“This year’s survey serves as further proof that customer service is becoming more complex and more critical for a company’s success,” says Tom Dziersk, president of NICE Americas. “When an organization can create a perfect experience, there are many dividends, and as the report’s findings make clear, ample room for improvement creates many opportunities for businesses to set themselves apart.”

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