Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs represent fertile ground for promotional products distributors. Their expertise can dovetail nicely with the programs’ goals, and data from business-to-business research, ratings and reviews firm Clutch identifies the technology, food and fashion industries as potentially receptive audiences as its data shows that consumers typically associate these industries with corporate social responsibility.

People expect food-related industries, like grocery retailers (70 percent) and restaurants (62 percent), to commit to corporate social responsibility, followed by the technology (70 percent) and fashion (65 percent) industries. Clutch reports that its findings show that consumers expect businesses in these industries to act in different ways depending on how they’re naturally positioned to support the wellbeing of individuals, local communities and the global community.

“With food, you’re putting those things in your body,” says Jen Bemisderfer, managing director of RH Strategic, a public relations agency. “With clothing, you’re wearing it on your body or next to your body. It might seem that technology wouldn’t fit along these lines, but we treat smartphones today as an extension of ourselves.”

Among respondents who expect the technology industry to commit to corporate social responsibility, 72 percent say technology companies should focus on data and privacy. Businesses also need to be transparent about security breaches when they happen so people are informed.

People primarily want grocery retailers (67 percent) and restaurants (71 percent) to address local food insecurity by feeding those in need.

Regarding the fashion industry, people want to know how products are manufactured and 58 percent of those surveyed by Clutch want the fashion industry to use ethically-sourced materials.

The full report is available here.