commonsku Integrates With Promostandards

Promotional products industry business and sales software provider commonsku, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, has introduced a new integration with PromoStandards that allows for order status updates and ship-notifications within the company’s application.

“We are excited to launch this next evolution of connecting suppliers and distributors,” says Catherine Graham, commonsku’s CEO. “Managing the production process has historically been very manual, requiring multiple phone calls and emails per order simply to ensure everything is on track and to get shipping information. Order status and shipping updates can now be pulled directly from the supplier into our production dashboard. With a simple click, a distributor can confirm the stage of production, check the expected ship and delivery dates of their order, find out their tracking number, and even note if additional information is required to keep the order on track.”

PromoStandards is a group of industry IT professionals that focuses on the development of technology standards to enable system-to-system communication in an effort to reduce the cost of business between suppliers and distributors. Members collaborate to create open standards that enable industry participants to improve customer experience, reduce transactional friction and effectively execute their digital strategy.

David Shultz, commonsku’s vice president of supplier partnerships, adds, “PromoStandards is starting to reach huge milestones in adoption, making integration a reality. We’re excited to see so much momentum and are looking forward to getting more suppliers onboard with this new way of working.”

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