commonsku (PPAI 552077), a promotional products business and sales software provider, hosted a one-day sales conference, commonsku sessions, in Chicago, Illinois, on April 25. With a hyper-focus on sales growth, the conference is centered around the mission of not only increasing sales but doubling the size of the industry by teaching techniques that target advertising categories that expand promotional budgets.

Topics taught at the event included Catherine Graham’s sessions, “The Floodgates: Create a Never-Ending Pipeline of New Business” and “How to Double Sales Without Adding a Single New Customer”; Bobby Lehew’s class, “How to Enchant Your Customers Through the Power of Story”; Mark Graham’s session, “Appealing to the Modern Buyer: How Engagement Commerce Ignites Sales Growth”; and Sam Kates’ “Psychology of Sales: Learn the Secret Weapon to Connect, Relate, and Increase Sales.”

The conference also featured two interview discussions, one with David Clifton of alphabroder that focused his experience as the senior VP Marketing of Dell on the topic of how to steal marketing share from other mediums, plus a panel interview on the subject of sales success with guests Mitch Silver with Printable Promotions, Brady Zirlin of Blue Sky Marketing Group and Dawn Ruler of Geiger.

The Illinois conference was the second of four regional conferences hosted by commonsku. The first was held in Dallas, Texas, on April 4, and the remaining events are scheduled for Los Angeles on May 9 and New York on May 16.