This week, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is underway in Las Vegas. The first major trade show of 2022, CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, is navigating an uncertain path through the pandemic. And while CES is facing several challenges, the new environment is opening new opportunities for exhibitors and attendees.

“We did have the large companies cancel, but the smaller companies are getting more time with customers, and everyone is very serious about doing business,” says Molly Hoisington, director of event operations for event-planning services provider, A Vegas Expression. “Unlike in years past, this is not just another trip to Vegas.”

Hoisington adds, “We are seeing positive reactions from everyone attending. Those that chose to come are serious about growing their business, getting education and networking. It is turning out to be a really great, positive show!”

The PPAI Expo, running January 10-13, has also evolved to meet the challenges of the pandemic and anticipates that attendees will have their own great, positive experiences. PPAI has undertaken numerous measures to ensure attendees have a healthy, safe and comfortable environment, while also delivering the trade show, networking and education value the promotional products industry’s largest and longest-running show is known for.

Like The PPAI Expo, CES is renowned as a launching pad for companies announcing exciting and useful new products. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the more interesting unveilings from this week’s CES.

Imagine a breathalyzer for better health. Blowing into the device unlocks AI-based metabolism analysis and personalized nutrition advice. 


SKYY Tablet
3D has come a long way since the days of disposable glasses. The IQH3D SKYY Glasses-Free Online Streaming Tablet promises the most advanced Glasses-Free 3D optics ever available on a consumer device. 


Chevrolet Silverado EV
Set to begin production in 2023, GM’s answer to the Ford F-150 Lightning promises a range of 400 miles on a full charge (100 miles more than the Lightning), plus more horsepower and torque than its key competitor. 


Pluto Square
Billed as “the modern cat litter cube,” this Kickstarter-funder smart litter box sieves and sorts a kitty’s personal space, dropping waste to trap odor and make clean-up as simple as taking out the trash.